About Us

“Pianes” a growing garments exporter company already has achieved solid base for operating Apparel business. Bangladesh, a land of biggest garments products is the center point of our business, but we have the clients all over the globe. You need what woven, Knitwear, Sweater or any other garments product, just knock us and be sure to receive the shipment.

From our experience, we know the sensitive character of garments business. Here fashion and design along with the used materials are very sensitive. A single mistake could result in the ruin of the total shipment. Fortunately, our business team so skills that we have no experience of any failure. Even we find almost 100 perfect results for all the shipments.

We know a good number of importers like to import branded products like Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle, Gap, H&M Next etc. but often they get fail due to cost or other reasons. But those branded company also get fail to take their ordered high-class quality products for various reasons. We engage the expert team to collect those particular branded products and keep in our stock. Regularly many buyers contact us to get that branded product. We export those branded items to them and we both the parties get able to have the profitable business. At the same time, consumers also get satisfaction as they find high-quality Apparels with expending comparatively less cost.

Beside our own factory, we keep the close business agreement with a number of well-equipped garments factories. As we are always perfect and punctual to commitment those factories are always eager to perform business with us.  For that reason, we could easily meet the requirement of our international customers.

We think the customer is the customer. In fact, we don’t bother regarding the size or volume. Small, medium or big clients all are equal to us. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are a small or new entrepreneur. Just make an order and pay then all the matter including export formalities are our headache. You must get the shipment timely to meet the requirement of the consumer. We consider the real consumers are not only your asset but exact an asset to us because without the satisfaction of the consumers’ none of us would get success in the garments business.


Obviously, we like to make you sure on:

–    Super quality products

–    Timely shipment

–    No compromise with quality controlling

–    Better option for price