Our Service

We the “PIANES” is a garments business company. So, profitable business is our prime option. But we know alone we would not get success. When all those get associated with our business process find profit, we will get sustainable profit-oriented business. For this view and business ethics, we provide deep effort to make our customers and consumers benefited while running a business with us. However, here is a vivid description of our services:


Production of garments products:

We are skilled to produce all kinds of garment products. We have modern garments factories with the specialized workforce. From top to bottom level we appoint only the skilled manpower as a result we ensure quality products instantly. Often we produce garments items for world famous brands. Any kind of fashion with any kind of material, you just order us and get your products ready within 45-90 days.

We follow fashion trend:

Fashion/design is the prime factor for garments item. And we also know that fashion and design is not a permanent matter rather it will change quickly without giving any notice. Just the professional fashion and design experts can get able to meet the rapid change of fashion trend of the consumers particularly the trend of the crazy young generation. We have professional fashion designers, just your contact and consult directly with our fashion designers and make your consumers satisfied with their needed fashion.

No compromise with quality materials:

After fashion fabric and other materials are the factors to face the challenge of providing quality products. We keep contact with the branded fabric and other materials producers. We can easily arrange all type of materials instantly as per order of the buyers. Moreover, our quality control team engages their professional skill around the clock to ensure the quality.

Give us a sample:

You give us a sample and become sure to get products as per your sample. If you find any deviation than your sample, we are ready to make it again or to face compensation or demurrage. In fact, no such negative position has arrived as we have no record of neglect buyers’ sample.

Make purchase order from our brand stock:

Often the world class brand such as Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, American eagle, gap, h&m next etc fail to accept the shipment, we buy such branded products and export those to the interested buyers.

Our place of business source:

Bangladesh is the place from where we operate our business. All the garments business community knows the exact position of Bangladesh in the global Garments market. Here you will find huge skilled workforce at a reasonable cost. Government and all other agencies are always ready to provide all sorts of support to export garments products. Though we make Bangladesh as the center point of our business operation we have so many sources around the world to collect needed materials for quality garments products. In fact, we are heading to become a renowned international brand for garments business.

Customers are always right:

We need a real customer. We don’t think about the scale of the customers. You are a small businessman or have business with a store or you are a company with having chain shop or you are a brand in the garments sector, just contact us and get proper service.


Certainly, we offer a reasonable price to our customers. You know there are some cost-saving factors is available here in Bangladesh. Of course, you will get the facility of this cost saving aspect. And if you are interested to buy brand products from our stock obviously you will find the world-class brand products at an attractive price.

The process of giving us an order:

After receiving contact from the customer we request them to provide us sample or details about a sample product. With a quick process, we make the sample. As per sample, we could make final costing. Then after accepting by the customers, we make final other issues such as delivery period etc.